Engage Us

By Phone

The simplest, fastest way to obtain a quote is to send us an email with your phone number and we will call you back to discuss the best solution for you and discuss options. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have and we'll take you through the process of organizing our services for your occasion. Information will then be confirmed in text via email.

By Email

If you'd prefer to discuss your event by email, we can ask you a series of questions in text to better understand your requirements. The best place to start is the date, time, duration and location of your event. These are the main factors in determining your base rate.

Get Real!

There's nothing like the class of a professional, string quartet performing for your occasion. There's nothing worse than the embarassment of poorly trained faux musicians fluffing your requests and presenting themselves unprofessionally. These groups are not our competition and appear at events for "token value" only. Get real! Real, qualified, experienced, professional, happy musicians are the only people we employ (and are the biggest reason we have 100% customer satisfaction).

Requests, Special Circumstances and Price Matches

We are happy to arrange and perform new songs you request, perform new music on your recording or adjust our service to serve any other request. Just ask! We are yet to find a professional standard group with a cheaper price on the same service, if you can find one we are keen to discuss beating that price.

Recurring Bookings, Charities and Return Bookings

We take community engagement seriously, we are happy to offer discounts to charities in line with the core values of Organic Quartet and will also offer discounts on return bookings and recurring bookings. We are available as a "resident quartet" to perform regularly at a venue.

Expectations and Requirements

In addition to discussing over the phone or in email what you can expect from us and what we require to deliver our service to the satisfaction of the expectations, we have a simple list here.