Our Company

Our mission is to provide the best possible outcome for clients and musicians without any compromises on music quality, finances or ethics.

Conceived in 2008 and launching in 2014 as "Certified Organic Quartet", Organic Quartet was established by a group of musicians choosing to perform music for special events with an unconventional business focus. It was the perception of some musicians that agencies would prioritize maximum profits over attending to the specifics of a clients wishes and showing respect to the musicians that physically perform the service and make an agency possible. As a result, it was suggested that this model could be reversed so that the highest priority is providing the best quality product for clients whilst providing adequate pay and conditions for highly skilled, professional musicians. At a time when financial support of the finer performing arts is often a topic of concern to those in the industry, our business allows clients to access the same musicians as the most expensive agencies in the country whilst guarenteeing better pay for these musicians. As a result, classical music gains more exposure and clients and musicians end up with more money as the business is self-sustained by musicians.

This is how we have set the new standard.

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Organic Quartet is affiliated with Aura Services.